Working with a script that was 100% improvised!

  we have fashioned a film that is not only chock full of heart and humor, but garnered much critical praise during its festival run.

Shot as a documentary style narrative, we used the same cameras and techniques as the skateboarding films produced by companies such as Vans, DC and the like. This approach created a strong cultural and technical foothold for the storytelling. Among the many outstanding reviews of the film, Dropping In was honored at the Method Film Festival with a nomination for the Maverick Film Maker Award: , as well as a nomination for Best Break through Performance for David Klane (Don Wimmer). 

DRopping In -- throughout the world!!!

i want to believe... cheers from France!!!

"Mr. Wimmer may be fictional but he's pretty real in the practical world... I need to get out and skate more!"                              - fuel tv, colin bane (USA)

I watched a bit of Dog Town and the Z Boys last night. The more I watch it, the more relieved I am that there are people like Don in the world.     (united kingdom)